my name is Pedro Lopes. I’m an experienced Head of IT who delivers a perfect balance between strong technical background, mature business awareness and excellent leadership skills.

In this site you can discover a bit more about me, my Curriculum Vitae and find some answers to your most frequent questions.

If you like what you see and believe I can be an useful addition to your organisation, please get in touch - I would love to hear from you!

  • IT Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Team Management
  • Maintenance & Technical Support
  • System & Network Administration
  • 20+ Years Experience

About Me

Technology and computers have been my passion since early age and I’ve had the pleasure of working in this area for the last 20 years.

I started my career as System & Network Administrator and, although I evolved to senior management positions, I always kept a great level of technical curiosity and hands-on attitude. Having had the opportunity to explore most IT fields provided me an exceptional breadth of knowledge; I’m not limited to one skill set.

My extensive experience leading teams and training users greatly improved my ability to dissect complex subjects and present them in simple terms to all levels of stakeholders. I’m a communicative and motivating leader that promotes positive and collaborative working environments.

Having managed numerous IT functions and services, I'm very proficient in most governance areas; running my own company and dealing with my own clients also enhanced my business awareness and commercial acumen.

I’m not only the Head of IT you are looking for; I’m the business partner your company needs!

Curriculum Vitae

This is the online version of my Curriculum Vitae. If you prefer, you can check my   LinkedIn  profile.

Governance Competencies

This is a non-exhaustive list of governance competencies acquired and enhanced during my career:

  • Developed and implemented global IT strategies, aligned with business needs and expectations; assisted companies to identify new business opportunities through technology;
  • Managed critical projects from the initiation to a successful conclusion, respecting time and budget constraints;
  • Designed, implemented, improved and owned IT services and processes, using ITIL framework;
  • Delineated infrastructures and systems architectures, reducing operational costs and anticipating future requirements;
  • Administered, maintained and supported infrastructures, systems, applications and data (in-house and cloud based) ensuring their availability, capacity, continuity and security; monitored and reported performance; planned and deployed updates, upgrades and expansions; phased out legacy hardware and software;
  • Led the development, implemented and updated business systems and applications, including websites, eCommerce, ERP/CRM and bespoke solutions;
  • Planned, deployed, improved, managed and maintained IT facilities and data centres;
  • Built and managed technical support functions, including 24/7 helpdesk call centres, and organised on-call rotation systems; supported and trained users in organisations up to 12,000 employees, spread across multiple locations;
  • Provided technical counselling, communicating with non-technical stakeholders in a simple, clear manner;
  • Established operational procedures/best practises and created adequate documentation; delineated, implemented and tested Security and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity plans;
  • Managed inventory of technical assets, including software licences; promoted and enforced compliance of systems and procedures with regulations and policies;
  • Procured hardware, software and services; negotiated contracts/SLAs with 3rd party vendors; managed IT budgets (CapEx/OpEx) up to £1.3m/1.5M€;
  • Built and led numerous infrastructure, applications, support and development teams (including some operating in near-shore/offshore locations), from 5/6 to 50 direct and/or indirect reports;
  • Recruited, supervised, motivated and appraised countless collaborators, also providing them training and career guidance;
  • Established, monitored and evaluated individual/team goals/KPIs;
  • Developed close and trusting relationships with all stakeholders, including senior management, staff, external suppliers and clients.

Technical Skills

In these 20+ years, I've mastered countless equipments, applications and technologies; these are some of them:

  • Windows and Linux based systems, both in server and desktop versions;
  • Major mainstream server applications (Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Office 365);
  • DataBases (MS SQL Server, MySQL);
  • Virtualisation (VMWare, MS Hyper-V, Citrix);
  • ERP/CRM (MS Dynamics NAV/CRM, Salesforce, OpenERP/Odoo) software; other business and bespoke solutions;
  • Cloud (SaaS, IaaS, DaaS, AWS, MS Azure);
  • Web servers (Apache, IIS) and programming languages (PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS);
  • Website/CMS (Joomla!, WordPress) and eCommerce (Magento, WooCommerce, osCommerce) software;
  • Routing and Switching (Cisco);
  • Security and Firewalls; Backup equipment and software;
  • Telephony (Analogic/VoIP/Mobile);
  • Hardware and Electronics; Cabling; other equipment and peripherals (Printers, MFPs, Scanners, Tablets and Smartphones, ePoS, Barcode Readers);
  • IT Facilities/Data Centres Management (Power/Energy/Electrical/UPS, HVAC, Alarms, CCTV and Access Control);
  • Security Standards (ISO27001 and PCI-DSS).

Professional Experience

IT Consultant/Head of IT


Currently offering a wide spectrum of services and bespoke solutions to SMEs and some larger companies - major clients include FMCG, manufacturing, retail, IT, medical and education companies, government, finance and law firms.

Assuming technical lead responsibilities on a contractual base, I provide assistance to those companies who do not have the resources or the need for a permanent professional (Head of IT "as a Service"); I also support and advise companies in particular projects or tasks, reinforcing or complementing their own IT workforce with my team of experts.

IT Deputy Director
Aon (Portugal)
Technical Advisor
Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Chief Information/Technical Officer (CIO/CTO)
HelpDesk Supervisor
Vodafone (Portugal)

During this period, I evolved from System & Network Administrator, technical, hands-on position, to a truly strategical, management, Head of IT role; I became accountable for most/all IT functions in these organisations, including Infrastructure, Operations, Security, Projects, Applications & Data, Development, Procurement, Support, Training and even for the Business Analysis and Strategy.

Three of these organisations are major British multinational groups, operating in the Insurance (Aon) and Telecommunications (Interoute, Vodafone) industries. InterNetWorks was an IT startup, Iberian distributor for SUN/Cobalt Server Appliances, Watchguard Firewalls and several other products; working with SUN/Cobalt and British, Dutch and Portuguese Software Houses, we also developed applications and bespoke solutions for that platform.


Computer Science and Engineering MSc

(Licenciatura em Engenharia Informática)
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia/Universidade Nova de Lisboa

ITIL v3 2011 Foundation

AXELOS Global Best Practice

MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Galileu (MCTEC)

Linux & Linux Administration


Professional Trainer Certificate

(Certificado de Aptidão Profissional - Formador)
Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional

First Certificate in English

University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations


  • Portuguese Portuguese: 10/10 10/10
  • English English: 9/10 9/10
  • Spanish Spanish: 7/10 7/10
  • French French: 5/10 5/10
  • Italian Italian: 1/10 1/10

Skills Keywords

Head of IT; IT Manager; IT Director; ITIL; MCSE; IT Operations; Infrastructure; IT Service; Service Delivery; Technical Support; HelpDesk; IT Strategy; Project Management; IT Management; Governance; SLA; Procurement; Budget Management; Team Leadership; Team Management; Team Building; Training; KPI; People Development.

System Administration; Network Administration; hands-on; Windows; Linux; Virtualisation; Cloud; Networking; Security; Firewall; Backup; Disaster Recovery; Business Continuity; Data Centre; Call Centre; Hardware; Software; Active Directory; Exchange; DataBase; ERP; CRM; Telephony; VoIP; ePoS.


Some of your most frequently asked (or thought) questions and their honest answers...
"We're not interested in contractors, because they might leave the company after a few months!"

I'm not a contractor and I'm not looking for contracts; in fact, I was offered several extremely well paid contracts that I didn't accept.

Most of my work is performed at late night, during weekends and holidays, because those are the less disruptive times for my clients - I don't have much time for my family; constantly moving between locations is not adequate for a school-age child, either. After 10 years managing my own company, I'm seeking a permanent and stable position in an organisation where, hopefully, I will stay for many years. I'm prepared to travel, if required, and to provide 24/7 support in case of exceptional conditions, but "occasionally" is quite different from "daily".

Therefore, I aspire stability as much as the employer.

"Do you have a visa?"

No, as a Portuguese/EU citizen, I don't need a visa to legally live or work in UK or Ireland; moreover, I have been officially living in Norwich for the last 2.5 years.

"You're not a local candidate."

No, but I will be. I'm prepared to relocate to any region in Scotland or Ireland, which would take me no more then 3/4 days; considering I'm immediately available, I would be ready to start working in a shorter period then most local candidates.

"What's your availability? When can you start?"

I'm immediately available. I have everything prepared to terminate my company and I would be able to start working in a matter of 3/4 days, if needed.

"We require Criminal Records/Security Clearances."

I can present a pristine clean Portuguese Criminal Record and I believe I can obtain a DBS certificate in UK; I taught children in technical schools in my spare time.

Unfortunately I didn't reside in the UK for the majority of the past 5/10 years and therefore I cannot apply to a MI6 Security Clearance (SC/DV level), yet.

"Do you have a Driving Licence?"

A perfectly clean one; 24 years driving without a single accident or offence.

"Are you willing to travel?"

Yes, both nationally and internationally, if required.

"We might require eventual after hours work and/or 24/7 emergency support..."

I understand that some tasks must be executed at the least disruptive time for the company, and I'm used to provide that kind of support.

"We would like some references."

Naturally I can provide a long list of references, some in Portugal, others internationally.

What are your hobbies?

Being a proud dad of a young child doesn't leave me much spare time.
Nevertheless, I'm interested in many other subjects, some of them not IT related - robotics, CNC machines, woodcraft and leatherwork, among others.
As a former Boy Scout, I'm also attracted by "the great outdoors"... hiking, orienteering, camping, survival techniques, etc.

I try to always stay updated on the latest technologies and to expand my knowledge in IT as well - for example, right now I'm learning to program in Python, watching some videos and reading some books.

I used to be an avid "World of Warcraft" player but now I prefer to spend that time playing with my daughter.

"We have further questions..."

That's great! I would love the opportunity to answer them - please contact me!


Do you have further questions? Do you believe I could be an useful addition to your company and have a proposition for me? Please, do not hesitate to contact!